Fill/Stroke Types

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Click More Colors to select from the full gammut of colors in the Color Dialog.



GT supports Linear or Radial gradients with two or more stops.


Stops represent a point along the gradient between 0 and 1 where the color of the gradient changes.

By default each gradient has two stops at position 0 and 1 respectively. These cannot be moved.
To add an addition stop between them click Add Stop.

The Stop can be dragged between the two points with the mouse to set its position. To set a position manually

type a number between 0 and 1 in the Position box.


This applies to the Linear gradient and specifies the center angle of the gradient in degrees where 90 is vertical top to bottom, 0 to 1.


In some cases depending on rotation and other factors, there may still be space in the shape outside of stops 0 and 1.

Wrap specifies how this space is filled.
Mirror is the default and begins the gradient again in the opposite direction.
Clamp fills the remaining space with the nearest color.
Wrap repeats the gradient.


Select an image file or one of the built in textures.

Size Mode: Specifies how the image file fills the available space. Stretch will stretch the image to fill the entire area, while Original will wrap the source image as many times as needed according to the Wrap X and Wrap Y properties until the space is filled.

Wrap X / Y: Specifies how the image should wrap when Size Mode is set to Original.

Scale X / Y: Scales the source image prior to wrapping where Size Mode is set to Original. 1 = 100% of original, 0.5 = 50% of original.