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A Storyboard is a collection of transitions (or animations) that apply to one or more objects.

These Storyboards are started based on particular events and actions taking place from within vMix.

While a Storyboard is playing it will override the "default position" of any objects it applies to.

This is an important distinction between GT and traditional timeline based graphics systems.

Where the transition is an out transition (taking the object offscreen or invisible) the storyboard will hold that position until another Storyboard is started, or

playback is stopped in vMix.

This is most evident when using the Page1-10 transitions.
Consider a TextBlock that is intended to remain hidden until Page2 is started.
By default that TextBlock will be on screen at its default position when TransitionIn and Page1 play.

So to keep it offscreen until such time as Page2 is started, the "Hidden" transition will need to be applied to it for both TransitionIn and Page1.


This Storyboard is started when the template is turned on or off within a particular overlay channel.


These Storyboards occur within TransitionIn/Out and are started by pressing the previous/next buttons in vMix, when it is selected into Preview or Output.

For example, after TransitionIn, the next button will start Page1, again to play Page2 and so on up until Page10.


This Storyboard is unique over the others in that it is running at all times.

Any transitions/animations on this Storyboard are constantly adjusting the objects they apply to.